Lake Naivasha & Hells Gate, Kenya

My only experience of walking through hell, but not one of the evil kind. I had a spare weekend during a half term break whilst working at Braeburn school Mombasa. Instead of wasting it sunbathing in the African sun I decided to invite two of friends to spend a few days in Nairobi and then travel up to Lake Naivasha. Hells Gate and Lake Naivasha are located next to each other so we decided to kill two birds with one stone.IMG_1647Me and my two friends Becky and Fee set off from Nairobi in the morning for a two hour drive to camp Carnelley’s on the banks of Lake Naivasha. As soon as we arrived we set up camp keeping a close eye on the Hippos who were lurking in the waters on the edge of the bank. For most of the day we chilled out, read a book and walked around the camp trying to find wood for the fire in the evening. As the sun slowly faded for the day, the Hippos decided to come out of the water and graze on the grassy banks of the lake. For the rest of the evening we sat and around the blazing fire watching the Hippos and enjoying a few Tusker beers. The Following day we hired some bikes out from the camp and went for a bike ride through Hells Gate national park which is opposite Lake Naivasha. Whilst cycling through the park we came across a variety of different animals. We spotted plenty of Thomson gazelles and Buffalo grazing in the long grass. Vultures were circling the skies trying to spot and caucus to scavenge on. Warthogs were running with the their tails pointing in the air looking like there being controlled by a remote control. Finally after a sweaty hours bike ride through the park we made it to Hells Gate gouge. Hells Gate gouge is lined with red cliffs with narrow paths running through them.IMG_1671 we came across some of the Hot springs Hells Gate has to offer. Some are so hot that they can easily burn your hands. After wondering around the the gouge we decided to head back to camp before it got dark. In the evening we lit a fire and made hot chocolate, whilst listening to the Hippos grazing on the edge of the River Bank. The next morning we packed up our tents and headed home back to Nairobi where Becky and Fee finished of their holiday before heading back to Mombasa.


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